The first step to a successful lighting upgrade is the lighting survey or audit. In this stage, which is the foundation of every project, our lighting consultant will carry out a full internal and/or external site survey or audit of your existing lighting system and how it is used.

The aim of a survey would be to identify:

  • Hours of operation
  • Type and size of fixtures
  • Number of fixtures
  • Number of lamps per fixture
  • Type of lamps

The aim of a comprehensive lighting audit would be to identify all the above and :

  • Availability of daylight
  • The present cost of electricity per kilowatt hour for the site
  • Tasks that are performed in the space
  • Area dimensions
  • On-site power measurements using our smart metering system
  • Calculate if your project is compliant with relevant regulations

This information would enable us to produce detailed reports outlining:

  • Your energy expenditure and financial expenditure for your current lighting system
  • A recommendation for upgrades to reduce energy consumption and to improve lighting quality
  • A comparison of the original system against the energy efficient system in terms of energy and financial savings
  • A quotation of capital costs, energy and carbon savings and ROI
  • Information about financial incentives and tax breaks available to reduce the up-front costs of upgrades

Should you wish to go ahead with the replacement of your current lighting system, we  have the knowledge and expertise to deliver an end-to-end fully managed lighting project. We also carry out a post-installation energy audit to confirm both energy and carbon reduction following the installation of a lighting upgrade.

You will be able to monitor your total energy usage through the sample lighting circuit in direct comparison to the previous benchmark and see in real time the financial and energy savings it is possible to make.