Lighting Design

Environmental legislation on lighting is becoming increasingly stringent. There are a number of regulations for new and existing buildings to achieve high energy efficiency projects.

Building Regulations Part L - This section of the Building Regulations covers the Conservation of fuel and power.

Part L is a new method for measuring lighting efficiency, taking into account the efficiency of the whole lighting installation, not just the components.
Approved documents L2A and L2B refer to the Non-domestic Building Services Compliance Guide which introduces the Lighting Energy Numeric Indicator (LENI) as an alternative means of demonstrating the compliance of lighting systems.

This means that compliance can now be demonstrated either by meeting the recommended minimum standards for efficacy and building controls, or by meeting the recommended minimum standards for LENI.
LENI stands for Lighting Energy Numeric Indicator, it promotes efficient use of lighting, not just efficiency of individual lighting components.

The LENI approach makes it possible to take into account how lighting is actually used, not just the energy used by lamps when they are on. Controls come into prominence, both to dim lights in response to available daylight and to turn them off automatically when the space becomes unoccupied.
Other design requirements include adequate illumination of each work task area, unified glare rating, contrasts between task zones and brightness between walls and ceilings. These recommendations are referenced in the EN12464-1 guidance for a safe and healthy working environment.

Our team of project engineers have the ability to offer lighting design and calculation conforming to full LENI and EN12464-1 compliance.

Lighting Ugrades & Installation

Our teams of qualified electrical engineers throughout Europe install high quality energy efficient light sources, components and luminaires — all from leading manufacturers with whom we have a working partnership, ensuring our clients receive an unrivalled, comprehensive service. Installations can be offered from a luminaire in a Doctor’s surgery to fitting out the largest Logistics Centres. Full warranty on control gear for a minimum of 5 years and lamps in line with European Branded manufacturers’ guarantees.